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In the case of rail-type burners, the burner is not attached to the valve, it simply fits over the valve.
The grill grates feature one side with a gentle radius for support and handling of delicate foods such as fish while the other side is W-shaped side for maximum grease capture perfect sear lines.Once nothing is holding onto your burner, all discount auto salvage reviews lift up the back end and pull!With your brand new burner in hand, slide the venturi, or tube-looking, end back over the valve at the front side of your grill.The creamic rods and holders that come in most DCS grills take a beating need to be replaced every few years, and burners seem to last around 5-6 years.Click the video to the left to see how we repaired our DCS grill or watch it on here.Ceramic Radiant Technology, an entire layer of ceramic rods are placed between burners and grill grate.The valve system is right behind your knobs on the front of your grill, so if you want to make sure there's nothing else connected today show win a trip to peru to your burner, you can kneel down and look under the knobs and face plate of your grill.DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) grills are a built-in favorite for grillers with outdoor kitchens, but they're also awesome on a portable cart.Grease Management System, the Grease Management System featured on the 36" and 48" grills reduces flare-ups by channeling oil and grease away from the burner flames during grilling assisting in healthier cooking.Fat drippings are collected in a removable stainless steel drip tray for easy cleaning.The 36" and 48" grills feature ultra-heavy duty grill grates which are robust enough to withstand tremendous heat and heavy use.
Start your culinary adventure with an exceptional grill.