disbursement voucher appendix 32

219 Letter advising the actual despatch of a Remittance.
247 Credit Notes for conveyance of Government Treasure.
440 Register of Reserve Bank of India Remittance encashed (Books of 100 leaves).10.24(a) (vi) Other Advances (a) Advance on poets and writers chapbook contests transfer.25(a) (b) Advances on arrival in India on first appointment or on return from leave or deputation out of India.25(b) (c) Advance on tour.25(c) (d) Advances for expenses connected with remittance of treasure.25(d) (e) .Public Account of the State of Punjab is the account into which all public moneys other than those which form a part of the Consolidate Fund of the State, received by/or on behalf of the State are credited and from which disbursements are made.359B Form of advances to non-gazetted Government servants of Pay,.194 Compensation payment of land taken upConsolidated Receipts (F.486C Allotted to Annexure III Progress Statement.410 Consolidated receipt of the Treasury Officers for the payment made into the Treasury by Post Office as incorporated in the account in the month of 411 Consolidated receipt of the Post Office of the amounts drawn from the Treasury by Post Office as incorporated.Record of contingent expenditure-contingent Register.15.(b) Every Government employee is personally responsible for the money north face discount code which passes through his hands and for the prompt record of receipts and payments in the relevant account as well as for the correctness of the account in every respect.297 Contingent Bill of Private Secretary to the Government (Form.44 Register/Schedule of recoveries of Interest on Loans and Advances (Form.
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Salary bill 251 Gazetted Officers (Form.