definition sweeping generalization

Snob Appeal: Appealing to the inner snob.
Wadsworth, 2012) "It was a rainy day in Harvard Square, so the foot traffic through the atrium from Mass Ave to Mount Auburn Street was heavier than it might have been if the sun were out.Your household may be closer to the former than the latter.Wadsworth, 2001) "A United States Judge indulged in a very hasty generalization when in the recent trial of the new bachelor 2016 contestants an alimony case he interjected the remark that 'any man who gives all his salary to his wife is a fool.' Many men not fools, but wise.X is true for.Errors in early word use.Therefore, environmentalists are radicals who take the law into their own hands.Henry Clay "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts?Is "somebody you know" a friend?All that is left should be made into hot-dogs."?In reality, Bush's presidency differs far more sharply with just one past president: Clinton himself.In each case, the conclusion is based on limited evidence.It is not necessarily appropriate under all conditions.The audiences' freedom to hear the song they paid for overrides the man's right of free speech.A lot of people were carrying umbrellas, which most of them furled inside.It's a bad habit to get into.There are too few instances to support such a conclusion." (Max Shulman, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis."We admit it: P*l Homeschooling magazine isn't for everyone.No matter what you think of the general principle that children should be seen and not heard, a child prodigy pianist about to perform is worth listening to; the general principle doesnt apply.Everybody I ever talked to who was from there doesn't live there anymore.July 29, 1895) The Lighter Side of Hasty Generalizatios - Robin: I guess you can never trust a woman.