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Boo-Hooray via, tumblr, a high school dropout at the age of 16, rebates on chevy cruze Eddie Antar wasted no time in exploiting the burgeoning world of consumer electronics.
The whole purpose of the business was to commit premeditated fraud, Sam tells mental_floss.
After being released from his vacation, Sam began to get invitations to lecture at universities and private businesses about white-collar fraud.It never got off the ground.It helps my credibility by not being apologetic for my crimes.Securities and Exchange Commission got involved, it was a matter of time before Sam, Eddie, and Eddies father iphone free giveaway 2017 began vying for the best government deal possible while their franchise began to close its doors.Thank you so much!You head to the website m and you will be prompted to enter some information.He never paid the bill.).A chain of electronics stores that eventually spread to 43 locations across four states, the business bombarded consumers with print, television, indianapolis zoo groupon and radio ads that guaranteed name brand products at major discounts.In reality, it was a dark criminal enterprise.Or does it just help you sleep better at night?Some local stations stayed on the air overnight simply because Antar had bought all the ad time.I didnt cooperate because I found God.The companies they audit are called clients.