costume contest categories for work

Source "Play with us, Danny!" These girls truly commited to their costume, the Grady twins from The Shining.
Perfect for the Halloween hostess with the mostess, we have created 10 printable costume award certificates to pass out at your party this weekend!
Cut out the photos and raffles cafe ferndown attach to the number side of the playing cards with tape.
And for that reason, I think Im going to make more, just to keep in my Halloween Decor stash and set up on a shelf each year. .How long did that take you?First, the most creative costume: I bought a flat package of milk duds (theres a standard flat package and then one thats even bigger.Your people have a little fun in the office, which builds morale.And really, so cute!I think I even had more fun making these than my kids real costumes. .Post it on the bulletin boards and the company intranet.Send out a blast email.Source, are you that guy that plans to wear a bacon t-shirt and a "Kevin" nametag this Halloween?And lastly, the best trunk decor (for the trunk-or-treat portion of our party I bought car from the Dollar Store. .You may want to have separate contests for teams and for individuals.Good for Young Kids Halloween Parties.If you are hosting the event and are having judges we recommend you set a few specific guidelines so that the judging is consistent.
Once resized, I like copying 4 8 photos on a word document and printing a sheet.
One at a time a child will select one Halloween costume card and then select another costume card hoping to match the first one they turned over.