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Contest Ideas, quintessential summer shot.
These types of Instagram giveaways have a gas hot water systems rebate nsw few benefits, chief among them being that they present a very low barrier to entry and are very easy to set.According to psychologists, the appeal of free cannot be understated, and contests and giveaways on Instagram are the perfect way to leverage that inclination towards free stuff.This type of Instagram giveaway is one of the simplest styles of social media contests out comic con ticket contest there.Related: Getting Started with Instagram for Small Business Marketing.If youre running the contest around a holiday, try to market it around that theme.This contest has a two-fold benefit: its a great way to build your email list and get unique user-generated-content.Keep a careful tally and use this information to help you determine what kind of contests are best suited to your brand.She is a regular guest blogger on this site and Event Managers Blog.Related: Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses, types of Instagram Contests, there mastercard holiday sweepstakes are many kinds of Instagram contests, but it can be said that there are three major ones:.Plus, by encouraging users to submit their own photos and videos, you generate unique, genuine content that others can relate.In the contest above, Kabuki encourages diners to take a photo of their meals and hashtag it with #KabukiHollywood to be entered to win a gift card to the restaurant.
With such a large potential audience for your business, there is no reason to leave this channel untapped.