coney island hot dog contest record

Meanwhile, the women's side has featured a yearslong rivalry between Sudo and record-holder Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, of Alexandria, Virginia.
Darren Rovell of espn provided a look at the nutritional tally for Chestnut's victory: Cincotti, 24, is known as the Mutiny, a perfect nickname for the eater who remained competitive for most of the 10 minutes and was within striking distance of a shocking win.At the 2012 Hot Dog Eating Contest, she ate her way to a new womens world record and beat out 10 of 15 male eaters!Coney island He was no underdog.The Megatoad finished a disappointing third in this year's battle of the friendly rivals with 48 hot dogs and buns.Reigning champ Joey Jaws Chestnut once again bested longtime rival Matt Stonie and defended his."There's money on the line."."This year was the best ever.".These competitive eaters are famous for eating them fast.She beat Michelle Lesco, who downed 32 franks and buns.The 33-year-old Chestnut scored an overtime victory over Stonie in the.Both chowed down.25 dessert delights in six minutes, and Jaws ate the tiebreaker sandwich quicker for the win.She's 31; Lesco.But what might surprise you is that while he holds the Hot Dog Eating Contest record, hes done better.Jaws is the eater to beat in every competition he takes on, especially every Fourth bealls florida online coupon code of July on Coney Island.It's the second consecutive triumph disney discounts 2018 for Chestnut, who's won every Fourth of July showcase since 2007 except for the 2015 competition won by Matt Stonie.