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Two days later I still had not received a call back so I called the Liberty Village store back again and was told by the person who answered the phone that I would have to call the Shopper's customer support hotline, it was not their.
We got into an argument about how and who should talk.
That would have been really easy to do but it is easier to just not help so that is what they chose.
Receipt in nys energy rebates national grid hand, I went to my local Shopper's Drug Mart (King/Yonge, Toronto) to resolve.Gift Note message (if applies) *Discount Drug Mart Policy We will not sell or share your information to any third parties.I told her I didn't want to keep making trips around the city in hopes of a resolution and asked if I could email scanned images of the receipt and card to her instead.But for anyone who loves Online shopping, it just makes perfect sense to get some extra rewards in the form of gift cards or here and create your free Swagbucks account.I am not sure why the 3rd party's name is a big secret.I called back and spoke to a different customer service agent who knew about the problem.Further, she did not get the message to call.Clearly, my request for them to check the activation of the card IF they would send one to me was too big of an ask.I explained that I wanted to have the 3rd party confirm with Cineplex that the card was activated and asked who the 3rd party was and whether it was the 3rd party or Shoppers who would call.She told me I could try going back to the Shopper's location I bought it at if I didn't like her answer.Managing customer problems with their failed activation system is "not their problem".I went to another Shopper's Drug Mart (Keele/St Clair) with the card and receipt and the assistant manager told me they could not help me, it was Cineplex's fault.She told me a 3rd party was dealing with this and they would make sure that if a replacement card was issued it would be activated.Every day you can be rewarded with free points just for searching the Internet, as you normally would!
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