cheque payment voucher meaning

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Please refer to Journal Voucher for this type of transactions.Bank Receipt Voucher:-, for all money received by way of cheques, Demand Draft, Pay Orders or directly received by the bank from any person on behalf of the company.1787 Date:.07.15 particulars amount (IN.) debit: M/s State Bank of India Account 55000/ total 55000/ credit: Supple Enterprises 55000/ total 55000/ Narration: Being fund transferred by M/s Supple Enterprises in State Bank of India as per Bankers Credit Advice.1005 dated.07.15 enclosed.Receipt voucher is prepared for all the money received by the business firm.1011 Date:.07.15 particulars amount (IN.) debit: Conveyance Expenses Account 1522/ total 1522/ credit: Cash Account 1522/ total 1522/ Narration: Being cash paid.Epare the necessary voucher of the same transaction in the books of M/S XYZ Limited.Illustration 1, xYZ limited made a cash sale.07.15 for.12500/ vide Cash Memo.In that case, two types of payment voucher can be prepared for control purpose as follows.125 Date:.07.15 particulars amount (IN.) debit: M/s Morning Place 40000/ total 40000/ credit: State Bank of India Account 40000/ total 40000/ Narration: Cheque.101 dated.07.15 enclosed.10101 issued to M/s Morning Place as per their Receipt.Receiver Signature Managers Signature Cashiers Signature Illustration 4 M/s ABC Enterprises issued Cheque.Types of Receipt Vouchers.When the payment is made to these departments, they give a copy of a challan as a proof of payment.Bank deposit slips or Bank pay in slips for deposits of the cheques, drafts and pay orders.10101 of State Bank of India issued to M/s Morning Place vide their Receipt.Managers Signature Cashiers Signature Illustration 6 An amount for.55000/ deposited by M/s Supple Enterprises, directly in current of account of M/s XYZ Limited with State Bank of India vide Bankers Credit Advice.1519 Date:.07.15 particulars amount (IN.) debit: Cash Account 10000/ total 10000/ credit: M/s Supple Enterprises 10000/ total 10000/ Narration: Being cash received from M/s Supple Enterprises as per our Receipt.A check is physical, legal contract that effectively represents a promissory note to pay the amounts indicated in numeric and written values, to the payee designated in the "pay to" section.111 dated.07.15 of M/s ABC Enterprises.