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Now he has a new memoir called "How About Never - Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons." You know, in giving advice to you about cartoon humor, you mentioned, like, if you're doing a list or mentioning alternatives that there's got.
Bianculli: Bob Mankoff, speaking with Terry Gross last year.
But when Tina Brown was military discount airfare to hawaii editor - and this was starting in the '90s?This bundle includes: Issue 51 Issue 42 Issue 40 Issue 38 Issue.Please click on Vote for Your Favorite for details on how to vote for particular finalists and on the deadlines for voting.A thin smile spreads across your face as you make your way to the you-know-what section.I don't like the way Adam looks at you.I mean, I'm interested in that moment.It can't raise; it can't elevate.And so I think one of the things it shows is that they are all connected.The responses incredibly vary.Mankoff: But we don't let that guide.When you look back at the older cartoons, they're very much more observational cartoons.And what's your reaction?You are making fun of something.All he gave me to work with was a lousy apple.Which did you think was the funniest?And then I just got exasperated with him and said, how about never?Mankoff: OK, so the captions are - did you see the look on Darwin's face?For issues having Cover Dates that span two weeks, the Contest for those weeks ends at 11:59.M.You usually get 10 or 15, and you're - certainly when I was a cartoonist, before I was a cartoon editor, you're rushing to do what is called the batch.And just like you, the response is incredibly varied.You fling the magazine away and run off the train, even though its not your stop.
(laughter) mankoff: And then maybe a few years ago I have a cartoon by Farley Katz where there's Superman on the island, and he's saying wait, I can fly.
I'm David Bianculli, editor of the website TV Worth Watching, sitting in for Terry Gross.