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The UN is holding a Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark where the world's leaders will decide whether there will be any framework at all on limiting carbon emissions before the Kyoto protocol expires and the before the amount of carbon in the atmosphere climbs.
We're not doing endorsements from individuals, because that could get unwieldy.Candidates are encouraged to mobilize their networks of friends, twitter followers (use the hashtag #votehope and even seek out celebrity or organizational endorsements for their candidacy.To file an endorsement, an org/blog just needs to link to the video somewhere on their website, with a message about why their endorsing.Win the Daily Pet Contest.The performance was, unfortunately, autonation ford parts promo code cancelled due to low cloud that occurred in the display area, nevertheless, it still stays on tomorrow's programme.Reichen Sie Ihr bestes Foto eines Lächelns oder eines Lachens ein.Imagine all the wonderful pet friends you will meet on rabadaba.We will not be judging the entries on quality of sound only voice, flow, delivery, punchlines etc.Then email us the link here with the "Endorsement of Name" in the headline.Rabadaba Features: - Share home videos of your cute pets or post your amazing animal pics for everyone to see!Tell your friends to join rabadaba and you will earn even more RABs when they sign.We'll stop accepting new entries on December 2nd at midnight.Rabadaba's fun chat feature allows you to share photos, videos and more in private and group chats - Spread the word and earn.In der Makrowelt sind winzige Wunder riesengroß.Along with seeing the world's best pet content, you can meet other pet owners and discuss pet topics like pet adoption, dog training and animal care.You'll see the endorsers listed below each candidate's video.What: We are sending a HuffPost citizen journalist to Copenhagen for the climate conference as the Hopenhagen Ambassador, to represent the global nation of people who are hopeful that leaders will come to an agreement.We know your pets are like family and rabadaba loves seeing your dogs, cats, birds and pets of all shapes, sizes and colors!Put your full name as the title, a short description of your qualifications and press submit.
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If your post gets enough nominations, it will go into the Daily Pets Contest to win even more RABs.