big brother 16 cast rankings

Shes savvy, personable and great at weighing risk after all she gambles for a living!
Best advice: Get comfy hanging out on the jock block.Big Brother 4 gave us what might be their best twist online black thursday deals 2014 to date, when five of the original eight houseguests had to spend the summer with an ex of theirs. .Jackie CBS As part of this weeks BB Takeover, the former Amazing Race contestant joined the house with a huge target on her back.Best advice: Enjoy your slop-cicles, and try a hair harder at HOH next time.Shelli CBS The recently divorced 33-year-old, whose former name was Audrey (thats a question we need answered is clearly gaga over Clay.A lot of people were tuning in not to really root for anyone but to see the hot mess that this season became. .He better pray his nominees win Battle of the Block.Such a great and memorable season for the records.Occupation: Traveling nurse Bridgette says in her bio that her life motto is "follow your heart which is a decidedly poor strategy for "Big Brother.".Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images Why he's dangerous: He's a super-spy, obviously.She's becoming fairly forgettable.Big Brother will be resurrecting the Twin Twist (a callback to season fives successful Project DNA which will see a set of identical twins playing as one up until Week 5 when they may have the chance to enter the game individually.Why he's dangerous: So close, Cody.I still think Jun is very underrated in terms of how she played this game, but for me this season was satisfying in its win and its strategy from day frost king slide on door sweep installation one.Credit to: Wikipedia 8- Big Brother 4, i think this was the first season where you really saw ruthless players shown in the frontline and not just chatting in the diary room. .Team America, why did you pick such a powerfully stupid player to represent you?Everyone else which resulted in one of each making it to the final. .Best advice: Keep playing this sweet minister card.Best advice: She needs to find her way into that inner circle, though.
We see what youre doin here.
What seasons did we think sucked major balls and which ones kept us glued to our television screens all summer long? .