austin chronicle short story contest 2017

Almost as soon as we announced the Austin Chronicle short story contest, stories began to arrive.
I bow humbly to them for their generosity and good nature in judging this year, as in previous years, and once more, the delight of the meal we shared was exceeded only by their company.
But most of the stories spoke of writers writing in their many individual, sometimes raw and unsophisticated, but just as frequently imitative, voices.Chronicle, editor, louis Black.Sarah Bird (who, at that point, had published.In life, the void at the heart of that process can make feelings difficult to articulate, but in fiction, words can be found to describe the pain and turmoil inside, and we readers can understand what it means to endure the death of a sister.It turns out to have been a big part of the 25th.All Things Considered as well as the, chronicle ).And triumphs, as well, of rhythm, style, storytelling, and honest quangsheng rebate block plane passion.Each assigned it a numerical score from 1.His fiction has been published in more than a dozen journals, including.One of the winning writers had never written a story before.But then, the point of the contest was not to find America's Next Top Author.During the readings, any number of generic themes developed, and more than a few people worked out their inner demons on the page (murders, suicides, masturbation, voyeurism making for some exceptionally unpleasant reading experiences.While First Place Winner.He holds an MFA in playwriting from the Michener Center for Writers.The week after, we speculated as to whether we would get 100 stories; soon after passing that number, we began to think about 250.The authors of the five stories they selected did not go on to appear regularly on the.Amanda Eyre Ward is the author of six novels, including How to Be Lost and Close Your Eyes, which was named in Kirkus' Best Books of 2011 and won the Elle magazine Fiction Book of the Year.So many of the stories had such individual resonance, they seemed to be loaded with private meanings, even if they werent always accessible to the judges.Creating space and an opportunity for new writers like that is one of the forces that has kept the Chronicle Short Story Contest going for 25 years.
If it received less than a 6, it was read by, first, me, and then Michael Hall, and then either passed along to the judges or rejected.