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That assumes, however, that the inspection and cleaning are relatively routine.
We offer a variety of services including chimney repair, crown sealing, wood stove cleaning and chimney inspection.It can be dangerous not to have your chimney inspected from the interior, since only a licensed professional can detect things like creosote build-up or a defective damper.N addition to practicing safe wood burning and cleaning the in-home structure, you can also use a flashlight on occasion to inspect for any obvious cracks or blockage.The damper is the device that seals the chimney shut when it is not in use.Every membership includes access to our 10 million verified reviews from members.A certified chimney sweep will also inspect your fireplace and the room in which it operates, checking for any structural inefficiencies or signs of leakage.Our workers are highly skilled and courteous when working in your home.Inspections should theoretically occur in conjunction with cleanings at least once a year to guard against blockage and ensure vents and clearances are sound.Depending on the size of your home, the duration will vary by 10-15 minutes.Strong smells emanating from the fireplace when not in use may be an indication of the need to consult with a professional who can handle the broader inspection and any major issues that arise from.Photos, select a Photo From Your Computer.Most inspectors are called chimney cleaning professionals these days, but the term chimney sweep traditionally refers to the person who evaluates the flue, damper and roof, and then cleans them from the inside.That guideline can be loosened somewhat depending the age and type of home you live in and how often you use your fireplace.Responsiveness, punctuality, professionalism, see More, want to see more ratings and reviews from real customers?After 20 years its now free to join.The inspection that comes with the cleaning serves to confirm that the structure is secure and free of any build-up or other inefficiencies, which may not be apparent from inside the house.Join For Free in Chimney Sweep, a B, c D, f Price, quality.However, even if your chimney is used freebie free icon only a couple of times per college dunk contest 2013 year, its prudent to have it not only cleaned to remove buildup, but also inspected for structural soundness.
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When looking to hire a chimney cleaner, its best to seek one who is certified by the csia or ncsg.