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If you click on one of the links on the page (even the sidebar story about an eagle destroying a drone!
Another type of free offer is one people refer to as 'data capture'.
Sometimes the entry numbers are lower than you think, and if you keep entering you'll be lucky eventually.However, a forum post.Lots of companies offer a free iPad in return for data.In the meantime, you will need to be careful about what you like on Facebook. .One free contests bc canada post complains that the site started bidding on their behalf without their knowledge.If it's fairly new, that's another red flag.The thing is that nobody has heard of iWidget, so the competition will remain very small.The iPhone X isn't available until Nov.Is there a terms and conditions page?These pages will use language along the lines of "Want to win a free phone?Say it has an Apple iWidget to sell that nobody has heard.The iWidget is worth around 30 and they want to draw attention.Most bogus giveaways will claim to be giving away large amounts of expensive prizes.The same goes if you feel pushed or pressured into clicking like or share.Take a look at where the post is coming from.James Martin/cnet, apple fans aren't the only people excited for the iPhone X 's release - scammers are, too.