apple giveaways on facebook

The internet is awash with offers of free iPhones and free iPads.
This enables you to earn small amounts of cash or Amazon credit for performing micro tasks that can only be performed by humans (typically they are writing or design tasks).
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That is worth a surprisingly large amount of money to companies.You give away your personal data all the time, so you might think it's worth a shot.This article is your guide to avoiding 'free iPhone' scams, including a couple of particular scams we've spotted and you will want to avoid.More recently weve seen the same offer from companies like Megabargains or iPadz, although the names of the companies change quickly.Well, you won't get one by simply liking or sharing the fake Free iPhone Giveaway pages that are sprouting on pool blanket rebate Facebook once again.New 'Meltdown' bug puts Mac, PC and Android phones at risk.Here are examples of the iPhone 8 Giveaway pages that are going around: Here's how to spot a like-farming scam.Very, very occasionally, you will meet people who got an iPad for free.We strongly advise you to steer clear of this offer, and if anyone you know forwards you the link, it would be a kindness to give them the same warning.CNN-Shopping and the 'iPhone 6 for 1'.Sites like m have a Computers Competition section that have crowd-sourced (and hopefully checked) competitions.