aaa membership discounts on hotels

So the Hilton/USRowing room is either 329.80 if taxes are included in the room", or 379.27 if they are not I couldnt find out without actually booking the room.
Are these deals any good, and can you actually use them?
I don't mean to call the 800 number of which is probably a national veteran day freebies 2014 answering service but to call the hotel/motel itself.
I've even been told that I would have saved money if I had called the hotel direct as the hotels have to pay a commission to whichever discount organization books for them., 09:58 AM, rachiie, location: AZ 124 posts, read 414,486 times, reputation:.The next month I was at the Embassy Suites in DT Philadelphia for 80 and their best rate was 179 going through the Hilton website.I know that guests were able to get a rate of around 50 when booking through expedia and travelocity.To get this kind of discount, typically you need to book through a special Web site or phone number, which you can usually find by calling or checking the Web site of the specific association.On the other hand, if you are a true discount chaser, as a lot of readers of a column like this one are, it is worth trying out your various options, as you could see a spike of 5 10 percent savings in some cases.1 person found this useful, was this answer useful?4) Look at the prices available on Hotwire, on Hotwire at each price level.Then I clicked the Senior Discount button, and got back only 18 hotels from seven brands.Detailed information about all.S.Call them both and compare.The one exception is when you are going to offer the hotel property a significant amount of business.
I have a colleague disney movie rewards snow white sweepstakes who will be in Chicago for 45 days.
AAA rate was no better kate spade coupon code 2015 than our best available rate and only became advantageous when our best available rate was increased due to demand of rooms (normally at 85 occupancy).