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It will be metal and/or fiberglass mesh reinforced to limit future cracking.
Otherwise, I would have decline their services and had my husband repair it in less time.
Any cracks or deterioration compromise this verizon wireless discounts protection and will lead to more extensive and expensive repairs to the chimney, requiring either tearing down and relaying of bricks and/or tuckpointing.
This protective coating will fill voids between bricks, fill cracks and holes within bricks, insulate the chamber for heating efficiency and safety, leave a smooth surface for more efficient flow of smoke and gasses, and provide increased structural strength for the entire chimney structure.Back to Top, chimney scanning, our state-of-the-art chimney video inspection equipment now enables us to detect problems inside the flue.Back to Top, firebox repairs, if you have loose or damaged bricks in the back or sides of your firebox, we will remove and replace them with new bricks, using refractory bricks and mortar.It must be properly sealed in order to protect the home and withstand the exhaust that passes through.Problem Diagnosis Correction, masonry Repair, waterproofing.It can be dangerous not to have your chimney inspected from the interior, since only a licensed professional can detect things like creosote build-up or a defective damper.Back to Top, tuckpointing, this process includes grinding out all missing or weakened joints and filling them with "Propoint a specialized tuckpointing material.Firebox Repairs, Chimney Crowns, Smoke Chambers, and, tuckpointing back to Top, fLUE relining.Back to Top, chimsaver waterproofing, contrary to popular belief, bricks and mortar are not naturally "waterproof".Please also be aware that repaired chimneys can never look as good as an original, properly maintained chimney.Overall, this is a very dishonest and.Our specialized coatings carries a three year warranty against cracking and deterioration.Dryer Vent Sweeping Repair, regular and Custom Chimney Caps.If waterproofed following a short curing period, this crown will carry a full 5-year warranty against cracking or deterioration.That assumes, however, that the inspection and cleaning are relatively routine.Home, omaha, NE, chimney Cleaning, are there any chimney maintenance activities homeowners can do?We will use either a waterproof coating of a fiberglass reinforced, masonry mix called "Shur-Wall" or a special rubberized chimney material called "Crown Seal" to your existing damaged crown, depending on the degree of existing crown deterioration.I do not recommend them and advise consumes to beware and find a more reputable company.
A standard sweep and inspection conducted by a certified professional will usually cost 125-175.