2012 dunk contest full

None of us had any idea at the time that he was also signaling an end to the Slam Dunk Contest as we knew.
Boston's Gerald Green leapt past Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard and Chicago's Tyrus Thomas in the first round, then held off Robinson in the finals to win the event in Las Vegas.
His Hall of Fame credentials canand willbe debated for years.
Carter set the bar so ridiculously high that recent competitors have resorted to all kinds of props and skits in an effort to impress the judges.Chase Budinger in a tight race that included 4 million voters on m deciding the champion rather than a panel of judges."I came in and they asked me how free printable kohls coupons 2014 long I've been practicing and I think I found time maybe Tuesday, Wednesday and that I was really going to be.DeRozan earned one of only two perfect 50 scores when he lobbed a high pass to himself, caught it on a bounce, scooped the ball with his right hand, cupped it and whipped it through the hoop.Robinson donned a cape and the Knicks'.Rider's memorable "East Bay Funk Dunk" with some assistance by his then-teammate (and cousin) Tracy McGrady.Ricky Rubio, and also had a nasty windmill dunk while jumping over a motorcycle for his first dunk.A year ago, Blake Griffin jumped over a Kia Optima while being flanked by a gospel choir."It was actually my idea to use the car said Griffin.In a year of pleasant surprises around the league - most notably molton brown voucher codes Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin - Evans is hoping that his win Saturday night won't be his last time on the big stage.And then there was the "honey dip"a feat so amazing that it took a few seconds for those watching to actually process what they had just seen.Long before there was "Linsanity there was "Vinsanity." And long before his aerial display in a building now known as the Oracle Arena, Carter had a reputation for."A little bit he said.Then Griffin was joined by the Crenshaw Elite Choir to sing gospel music."I feel like they chose what they felt was the best dunk.".So I jumped over it and I kind of looked at them and they were like, 'OK, you can.' ".Griffin had jaws dropping in every corner of Staples Center when he launched himself over the hood of a shiny new silver Kia, caught a pass from.A.People are like: 'Do it between your legs twice.' Obviously I can't do that.".He scored a 50 on his first dunk of the contest by dunking two different balls through two side-by-side baskets.More All-Star History All Slam Dunk contest results Sprite Slam Dunk Year-By-Year Winners 2011 - Blake Griffin,.A.I was like, 'So I can jump over a car?' Kind of playing around.
Griffin said he'd as a kid watched Vince Carter won the 2000 dunk contest and immediately went into the backyard and tried dunking over his bike on an 8-foot rim.